The Last Jews of Rădăuți
A Silver-Print Photographic Portfolio
“When the last survior will be gone — what will happen to his or her tale?

What will happen to the memories of the Jews of Rădăuți? Filled with fear and anguish, these questions must have haunted Laurence Salzmann — they keep on haunting his photographs and film: the viewer will see them and remember a past he has not known and which he must know — share.”
                                    –Elie Wiesel
In the late 1930’s, there were eight thousand Jews in Rădăuți (pronounced RA-da-uts), a small town in the Bukovina region of Romania. They were shopkeepers and tradesmen — shoemakers, barbers, hatmakers, tailors, jewelers — a vital community of several generations. They thought of themselves as Jews first, Romanians second — but Rădăuți was their home. Six thousand of these people perished during World War II; some died in concentration camps, most of them did not survive the hardships of deportation to Transnistria. At the end of the war a few came back; they found their homes gone and the life they had known swept away.


The Last Jews of Rădăuți portfolio has ten images and is limited to ten signed and numbered sets. Prints are 11x14in (40.6x50.8cm) printed on double weight paper and toned with selenium.
The portfolio comes boxed in a hand- made box with a cover sheet and with the photographs hinged and matted with strict adherence to archival standards.
Presentation material is 100% museum rag board. Overall size is 16x20in (50.8x61.0cm).

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Laurence Salzmann,
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